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2020 has been a very different kind of year. The 1st quarter seemed to be like every other year, but March onwards has been an experience, and not one that most have enjoyed. With plenty of personal and professional setbacks, people have learnt a newer, different way of living. Going to supermarkets, restaurants, movie theatres, and most other leisure activities came to a complete halt. Also, most people’s spending capacity was drastically reduced. How was life to go on? Get ready for revenue!

The internet is one of the biggest boons of this era, and the lockdown is when people realised how dependent one actually is upon the web. Everything shifted from reality to virtual. Groceries were now being ordered online; restaurants started delivering more meals than ever; OTT platforms witnessed a surge in subscriptions; online tutoring has become a norm. This is the new normal, and it is here to stay – at least for a while.

The founder of La Decoller is one Mr. Neil Salaria, who also runs a successful company called Aviation Indeed. He knew that most of his clients would need to go online to survive and thrive during the lockdown, and that’s exactly how he helped them. Many of his clients today are able to run their business with pre-pandemic ease due to Neil’s foresight, which is when he thought of starting a Marketing Agency which means to “take off”!

Our Vision

There is competition in each and every field in life. Everyone is a part of the rat race to become big, wealthy, and the best at what they do. We too, want to become the top agency offering online marketing strategies, digital sales solutions, and internet brand management in the international business sphere. This is possible only because we hire the best staff in the business, and think about how our customers will benefit from us, rather than the other way around. A few pointers we keep in mind with reference to our vision are:

  • Quality: Our aim is to offer unparalleled marketing and customer service to each client, irrespective of their company size. Our turn around time will be quick enough to help each client with whatever they need. We will be a one stop shop for all their online needs, and a good one at that!
  • Innovative: Technology is advancing with each day, and with that, the online sphere. Our goal is to be abreast with the latest tech and thereby, one step ahead for each client. That is one way we will increase our client roster – by giving them what most other online marketing agencies cannot.
  • Growth: Every person and company wants to grow – that is the main objective; the carrot is success. Most people that work want to be known in their field and related ones, and that is possible only when they have achieved a certain level of success.

What makes us unique?

Why us? What value will we be able to add vis-a-vis our competition? Each company has something unique they have to offer. Given below are a few of our key differentiators:

  • Cost-effective: La Decoller is your ‘in-house’ marketing team! This means that you save a lot of your marketing bucks by partnering with us since we will get you better results while using a fraction of your marketing budget. In addition to this, we work closely with your employees in order to make operations much smoother than you would expect!
  • Expert driven: Our team is one with expertise in each field of marketing; performance, branding, and anything else to do with the online marketing world. Our digital ads experts have years of experience in the field, coupled with our company being shoulder to shoulder with the latest digital trends and technological advancements thereby making yours a much more profitable business! In addition, the team that makes the pitch strategy is the one that executes it as well, in order to maintain complete seamlessness!
  • Flexible: Your scope of work says x number of things divided into a few categories, but you require swapping a few things? Unfortunately, that’s not possible…with other companies! At La Decoller, we give you the flexibility to tweak the SOW on a monthly basis depending on your requirements. It is not easy, but we make it work with ease.
  • Strategic approach: You know what you want. We will give you ideas according to your brief and explain our strategy to you. Most agencies stop at this. We go one step further and tell you why we think the way we think. This will give you confidence in us, and our strategy, and will make working together exponentially more fun and profitable! Needless to say, this is done after an in-depth study of your target audience. We analyse your past data, understand what has worked for you and what hasn’t, and then set goals.

Our Offerings

You know where we want to be, and how. You know why you should choose us over our competition. Now let us tell you everything that we can help you with in order to make your business reach new heights (if you are already established), or ‘take-off’ (if you are a start-up)!

  • Search Engine Marketing: The online world encompasses everything one can see and find on the internet. It is the first place one turns to for any sort of information whatsoever. Search engine marketing is one of the first things any company likes to get started with. This is because it is an intent-based medium. The minute someone searches for something, your ad shows up! Of course, there’s more to it than just that. Give us a call and we tell you everything about it.
  • Search Engine Optimization: This is the second facet of digital marketing. It is the process of improving the quantity and quality of website traffic that it gets directly from search engines, rather than paid mediums. It involves continuous and regular addition of on-page & off-page content, and blogs, with backlinks to the website, among other things. Your webpage will be visible below the paid ads, and its rank will be determined by the quality of work done to make your website more visible organically. It is called the Google ranking, but is applicable on other search engines such as Bing as well.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media platforms are one of the most popular things on the internet, if not the most! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Pinterest are a few of the most used social media platforms, and can be used to boost businesses several fold. This could include paid ads, promotions, and organically maintaining your brands page hygiene. The best part – we do it all!
  • Creative: This is the backbone of advertising. An agency with a good creative team definitely has a major advantage over their competitors, and we believe that we have both! With capabilities to take care of any and all kinds of online and offline graphic designing skills coupled with brilliant strategic minds, we can go all guns blazing for any kind of campaign! Our best example of exemplary creative work – the La Decoller logo.
  • Influencer Marketing: Influencers are a big part of a product or brands promotion, since they have a great follower base. If your marketing budget is extra tight or you are looking for a boost to your already existing marketing strategy, look no further. It is a good thing that we have a fantastic base of influencers in each category, so your next influencer marketing campaign should be extra smooth!
  • Website Development: A website is to the 21st century what a visiting card was before the internet boom. It is an absolute must to have a website if you have a business. It establishes credibility, and tells prospective customers about your company, its history, and contact details, among other things. Needless to say, it is an essential part of any digital marketing campaign.
  • Email Marketing: One of the more effective ways to reach your customers is email marketing. This is because informative emailers with a call to action are sent into the inbox of your target audience. This enables them to get all the information they require with minimal effort, and you to get returns with maximum efficiency!

Who can we help?

Most businesses have niche target audiences since their products or services cater to only a specific part of society. However, our target audience is extremely wide, as anyone and most businesses require at least one out of our gamut of services in order to increase their ROI. Here is how we’ve divided our TG:

  • Growing Start-ups: Start-ups are an essential part of the business world. They usually come up with novel ideas, which is why many people get intrigued by their product and service offerings. This, of course, is possible only once people are made aware of the same. Startups also usually have budget constraints and a smaller staff due to the same reason, which is how we can really come in and help! We are budget-friendly and blend in with their employees in the perfect way to conduct efficient marketing.
  • Leading Enterprises: Most companies in this category know how to do business, and like it done their way. However, many times, they like to look at a different strategy, or try and convert to sales with a fresh perspective, and that is where we can take over the reins! We have a team that is bubbling with ideas, and super eager to work with companies this size.
  • Offline Brands: Shopping in person is a lot of fun! More often than not, it becomes an outing for the family while doing monthly groceries, or gift shopping. However, with the advent of the internet and e-commerce websites, shopping has changed quite a bit, and has become much easier, with access to many more products. This is the way forward, and we will be happy to assist any brand or company that works offline, but wants to add the online mediums to their customers’ purchase intentions.

From the Founders Desk

Neil Salaria is the founder and CEO of La Decoller, and it began with a mission. It is a genesis of the aviation giant Aviation Indeed, where Neil has proved that he is a successful CEO. La Decoller meaning ‘take off’ in French, was conceived to help brands take off even through a global crisis. As news broke out in early 2020 about a fatal virus, our wheels started to turn. A man with a keen eye for detail, he saw that most businesses would have to make the shift to an online medium due to this pandemic, and jumped at the opportunity. With our team’s collective years of experience, our many associations, our sprawling presence, and multiple resources – we felt as if it fell on us to help brands gravitate to the best solutions in a time like this. Give us a shout on to see how we can help you make the transition from offline to online with ease!

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