Multi-channel targeting

Through platform-wise targeting, you can increase brand recognition and connect with your TG where they’re active. Our experts execute a consistent strategy that is personalized for your target audience.

Increased traffic

SMM can drive inbound traffic to your website and your online shop. It allows us to create inventive content that speaks for your brand. It in turn generates leads and amplifies sales.

Advanced Reporting

We conduct a deep analysis of your social media presence to understand which platforms generate results for your brand. We then focus on the channels that generate sales and amplify your presence.

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Keyword Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive Keyword Analysis that tracks trends and gauges a consumer’s market interest by understanding user intent. The right words can lead you to the right consumer.

Content Calendar

A robust social media presence must feature content elements that your TG can relate to. Meaningful, relatable content helps you truly connect with your customer.

ROI-driven Reporting

This allows you to measure campaign performance and monetise through social advertising. We believe that social media without testing is like driving in the dark with no headlights.

Retargeting Approach

We build an organic presence to build a personality for your brand. Promoted posts engage new users and re- target customers to get conversions.

Influencer Marketing

This approach makes brand champions out of relatable influencers that your TG already cares about. This increases brand recognition and positions your brand as your TG’s obvious choice.

Platform-wise Strategy

We first identify the channels that drive results for your brands. With a keen focus on amplifying sales, we create custom strategies for each platform to bring in sales.

Know from our expert

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Your online footprint is created only after comprehensive research, executed by industry experts and carefully recalibrated based on our intelligent analytics software. Social media marketing done with sophistication results in ROI that far outlasts the time spent running the campaign.

Riddhi Thakkar

Marketing Head, La Decoller

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Introduction to the blog academy

We’ve designed our blogs to aid you on your journey of scaling your social media strategy. Peruse through for ideas, strategies, execution plans, tips, tricks, and more. Find out the ins and outs of growing your business online with our blogs.


1. What services are included in the social media marketing strategy?

As domain experts, we do full sweep and provide an end-to end solution for
your social media presence which includes:
i. Understanding the target audience
ii. Band positioning, value proposition as well as the emotional and tactical benefits of the offerings
iii. Social media audit
iv. Competition analysis
v. Campaign and/or always-on strategy based on TA insights
vi. Monthly content calendar
vii. Creative execution
viii. Automation and monitoring
ix. Optimisation and reporting

2. What channels are you guys experts on?

We recommend platform-wise strategies that best suit the brands. If you’re looking for B2B inbound traffic we’re then likely to recommend LinkedIn or Twitter. On the other hand for those in B2C, we urge them to post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, YouTube, etc. Our expertise is across- platforms!

3. Can I just do my own social media marketing?

Sure. You can always kick off your SM marketing at home and here are a few quick tips:
i. Start with creating consistency in tonality and design
ii. Open a business account to understand the performance of your channel and to boost your posts
iii. Be regular with your communication
iv. Check out our blogs for more details!

4. How will you measure the social media footprint?

a. There are several effective ways to advertise but this depends on the objective for your brand such as awareness and reach.

b. Engagement is the main metric one must monitor. Comments, link clicks, shares are the main element and the key ingredient to this sauce. We keep a close eye on sales as well as the lead to conversion ratio.

5. Can I see your social media footprint?

Sure you can find all our links below!
(Link and icon to FB, insta, twitter, pinterest)
If you’re looking for what we’ve done for our clients – head to our case studies

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