Converts New Audiences

The right social influencer creates relevant content that your target audience connects with. Without making it feel like an ad, they’re able to drive new audiences to your brand and convert them to consumers.

Promote to Your Niche

With influencer marketing, you can cut through the clutter of social media content and promote your product directly to your niche. Your influencer is an expert in the relevant space, so they can get you relevant results.

Online Presence

Influencer marketing’s authentic approach can boost your own online presence. Not only in sales, but an effective brand collaboration can increase the following and engagement on your own social pages.

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Campaign Strategy

The influencers are sought after the campaign strategy is in place. We chart out a plan of action for the brand collaboration and expected results. This campaign will determine the type of influencers and type of execution.

Type of Influencers

There are usually CAT A, CAT B, and CAT C types of influencers divided on the basis of their number of followers. Sometimes microinfluencers with fewer followers can create the same impact celebrity influencers would.

Set the Gratification

To create appropriate brand awareness, the influencer needs to know what’s in it for them. It could be a barter – where you provide a free product/service OR monetary association in exchange of their campaign engagement.

Right Fit Influencers

Influencer outreach means research done right. Check if they’re legit by verifying the authenticity of their followers and if they’ve done work for similar brands. And most importantly: do they cater to YOUR target audience?

Influencer Management

Social influencers need to be monitored with a hands-on approach. This ensures the brand guidelines are followed. Influencers might have their own creative ideas but it’s important to follow the direction set by the strategy.

Campaign Tracking

By following the media plan, optimising influencer marketing campaigns becomes extremely process oriented and result driven With daily monitoring and weekly reporting, you can keep tabs on what’s working.

Know from our expert

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We design our campaigns to make sure your target audience is catered to. We also choose influencers who generate content that is relatable and transparent. The idea is to connect with the TG emotionally and get your product coverage through engaging content via influencers.

Riddhi Thakkar

Marketing Head, La Decoller

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1. Can I run an influencer campaign with a small budget?

Actually, yes. Not every influencer campaign requires monetary compensation. You can even have influencers run a campaign in exchange of products/services. This is called ‘barter’ where a brand usually sends their products to an influencer to be posted about. With the rise of microinfluencers, you can make a big impact with advocates with fewer followers.

2. How does La Decoller help with my influencer marketing? What aspects do you cover?

We cover the whole gamut. From helping you set goals, budget or gratification, to determining the campaign strategy. We also find the relevant social influencers, accommodate custom requests and track campaign results to measure the ROI. But at the same time, sometimes, brands need us to only come in and run one aspect of the campaign such as finding influencers or tracking results. We’re happy to do that too.

3. Will you also keep tabs on what the influencer is posting and help me strike an effective deal with them down to the last detail - as in how many posts, etc I can expect?

Absolutely. The way we manage is an end-to-end operation. Not only do we ensure that you get a fair brand collaboration deal, but we also make sure we track if everything is being executed as per agreement and that every last hashtag and story is in place.

4. Does influencer marketing make sense for B2B brands as well?

Sometimes, yes. This is why a TG analysis is necessary pre-campaign so you can identify whether an influencer campaign is a good idea. Even for some B2B brands, influencers in relevant spaces matter. Ultimately, there is a human decision maker, it could be the CEO, the HR personnel, etc. But whether or not it’s worth it can be revealed through analysis. Get in touch to find out more and for a free audit!

5. How do you find the right influencer for each brand? Is there an influencer directory?

At La Decoller, we follow a process that leads us to the perfect match.
Step 1 – We spend time understanding the brand’s TG and requirement.
Step 2 – We find an influencer relevant to this TG and most likely to bring the
brand ROI.
Step 3 – We verify the authenticity and engagement of the influencer profiles. Only after an influencer is vetted, do we recommend them to the brand. We have a dedicated team that tracks what’s trending across sectors. We keep tabs on influencers in every domain and for every category. So we already have great matches for brands that want to connect with the right influencers. However, we are more than glad to meet the challenge of custom client requests surrounding influencers.

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