Brand Relevance

We build a value proposition and digital presence that helps your potential customer connect to your brand tactically as well as emotionally.

Establishing Consumer

We analyse what digital assets and sales channels have succeeded in driving sales in the past to create a result-driven strategy for the future.

Brand Optimisation

Our objective is to achieve your marketing goals. Our execution plan is based on the pain points and desires of your customer and we communicate in a language best suited for them.

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Competitor Analysis

Studying your competitors gives your brand a set of dos and don’ts to stay a step ahead in the market. It’s a window to your consumer’s sentiments as well as the market reaction.


A good digital marketing strategy leads users to your website to boost revenue.. And a great website ensures they find what they’re looking for and convert before dropping out.

Content Marketing

This is a key pillar of a digital marketing strategy. The way to crack it? Understanding who you’re writing for. All written, visual, and audio content is created to achieve your short term marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing

Our strategy flows in 3 folds. First, we create an organic presence. Second, we create branding ads that collect the cookies of engaged users. Third, re-target our potential clients.

Media Planning and Buying

Lead generation ads on digital channels drive successful marketing. With accurate targeting, we break clutter and reach out to potential customers.

Influencer Marketing

This approach helps you connect with your TG, increase brand awareness and build trust. Influential internet personalities become your brand champions and bolster sales.

Know from our expert

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From your content creation plan to your social calendar (and everything in between), our goal is to find what works for your brand’s story. It’s not about doing everything, it’s about doing the right things to target the right audience. We build bridges between your audience and your brand so that your customer can journey to you

Riddhi Thakkar

Marketing Head, La Decoller

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Introduction to the blog academy

Click through for a variety of blogs that provide you with deep insights. From how to reach out to your target audience to architecting your social media strategy, our blogs are here for you. Get started on your own digital marketing strategy today.


1. What services are included in the digital marketing strategy?

  • This is a holistic approach.
  • The services we offer are birthed from an in-depth analysis of the brand we’re working with. We study their past campaigns, analyse their brand positioning, set goals, and create a media plan based on the objectives. We make plans that can bring about ROI.
  • From social media strategy, content creation, optimizing SEO, execution, performance analytics, and more – we cover it all. We offer every service but leave the decision up to our clients to avail only what they need.

2. Is there a set price list for this service?

No, we don’t feature a fixed price list because we understand that all clients come from a variety of backgrounds, sectors, and needs. Each brand also has objectives to achieve and at La Decoller, we’re happy to devise a quote based on the outcome. In fact, in the event a brand has a budget in mind – we accommodate that and design the most effective Scope of Work in the same.

3. Can we work together for a month for digital marketing strategy or is it a long term commitment financially?

We can work together for a month or 5 years. We take sporadic projects that are short term as well as longer lasting retainers. If you’re looking for substantial growth in performance, a longer engagement is more reliable in showcasing results.

4. How much experience do your experts have?

5. Will we be setting tangible goals that we achieve if I opt for this service?

  • Yes. We’re big believers of KPIs!
  • We consult your brand objectives to determine the holistic vision for your digital marketing strategy and what it should achieve. As well as when it should accomplish this.
  • Along with monthly goals, we keep an overall 6-12 month goal in sight so we know the larger picture. Our philosophy is to understand the brand’s expectation and objectives to set the goals and milestones that help us track our progress together.
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