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Here’s how we did it:

La Decoller has exceeded our expectations in graphic design so far. They bring our marketing messages to life with unique graphics and post them in a timely fashion on all social media accounts. We cannot thank them enough for their outstanding work. EnerSavings Inc’s marketing strategy would not be complete without them!

– Olivia D’Elia,
Marketing Manager at EnerSavings Inc

The Client

Industry: Energy Industry

ServicesEnerSavings helps reduce their client’s cost of operations, increase their revenue through energy management, and do their bit for the planet. Here’s how. 


      1. Limit operational cost

      2. Reduce overhead cost

      3. White-glove service


     1. EnerSavings Smart Valve 
      2. Grow LED Lights 
      3. LED Lights
The Challenge

As a Canadian brand belonging to a niche sector in the pandemic, accessibility was key. We worked with EnerSavings to seriously expand their online footprint in a way that garners the attention of the B2B clients who will convert brand awareness to sales. 

So we created a sales-driven online plan that created results in just six months. 

We achieved the following: 

  • Website design 
  • Content marketing
  • Brand awareness
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Website ranking optimization with blogs
The Execution

With a strong rapport and constant communication, we were able to make a difference in EnerSaving’s numbers. And it went like this:

Studying and integration:

  • To develop an effective online footprint, we went deep into EnerSaving’s current brand visibility and online infrastructure. 
  • Upon identifying all touchpoints based on sector, client reach, competition analysis, and platform, our experts started working towards their goals
Plan of action:
  • Since their website is their main instrument, we first went about designing, writing to, and executing an effective website complete with mobile optimization and the CTAs in place. 
  • Their social media engagement was devised with facebook advertising at the centre carefully planned to complement the landing page designed to convert users.
  • All plans were made up in alignment with the goals we set together and were primarily aimed towards raising their website ranking and establishing brand credibility
Execution and scaling: 
  • Content marketing is an indispensable scaling tool and La Decoller leverages the right instruments for each unique brand. 
  • We have a continuous relationship with EnerSavings, part of which is emailers designed to educate customers with relevant call to action wherever required. 
  • After all, conversion is key.
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