Growth in Online Engagement


Leap in Website Visitors


Increase in Leads


More Sales

Here’s how we did it:

At first we were really skeptical about Digital Marketing. But with this Pandemic, there was a dire need for it, and luckily, La decollar was there to pave the way. They made generating leads so simple and amazing. Thank You La Decollar!

Kishor Aucharmal,
Founder and Director of Birdigo Aviation Institute

The Client

IndustryAviation and Travel Sector


  • Aviation training for aspiring cabin crew members and ground staff
  • Empowering job seekers with several career opportunities 







The Challenge

a pandemic, Birdigo needed to make the switch to online so that their website could experience a high rank in search engines

for increased sales and leads.

Based on extensive competitor research, La Decoller planned all components of their online adventure. 


We scaled the following: 

  • Social Media Management 
  • Paid advertising
  • Effective SEO strategies
  • Website maintenance
The Execution

Birdigo’s exceptional growth sprang from meticulous planning and speedy execution which looked like this:

Studying and integration: 
  • We dissected and analysed Birdigo’s current data repository, TG, and value propositions.
  • We then conducted extensive competitor research, studied their sector and developed plans accordingly. 

Plan of action:

  • We wanted their website to achieve a high rank in search engines so it could experience more visitors, and more sales.
  • As a result, we focused on creating an effective SEO strategy with on-page and off-page activities and extensive content.
Execution and scaling: 
  • Along with that, we ran a paid advertising online campaign to help support this plan of action and garner whopping results. 
  • The content we created was brand awareness and equity focussed to ensure that the outcomes were all results-driven.
Our impact is spread across
countries and sectors:
Introduction to the blog academy:

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2. What is your pricing model like?

We make sure to be absolutely flexible when it comes to our costs so don’t
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We currently have offices in India and are expanding to Canada, UK, Europe,
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