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Here’s how we did it:

La Decoller handles all of our marketing outlets and to be honest, we have really seen our engagement with our audience go up in high margins. Good work.

– Aditi Rathore,
Marketing Head of Aviation Indeed

The Client


– Aviation for businesses (B2B)
– Ground handling
– Recruitment and staffing
– Uniform and accessories
– Aviation for career launch (B2B)
– Training for students
– Jobs for students

The Challenge

Since the company ran numerous training programs offline, they needed to convert their entire operating system from offline to online due to the pandemic. Along with requiring a digital reboot, Aviation Indeed was open to increased traffic and a higher conversion rate.

So we set about expanding growth for a travel sector leader during the pandemic.

We wanted to achieve the following:

– Mobile friendly landing pages
– Online training modules
– Social media and Increased CTR
– Effective leads

The Execution

To make an impact on Aviation Indeed’s track record, our team of experts worked as part of their own team. Our process with them went like this:

Studying and integration:
– With Aviation Indeed, our creative juices started flowing quickly – their vast range of services across B2B and B2C gave us ample opportunity to make our mark!
– We began by studying their past consumer behaviour. We then created a target audience analysis and a consumer journey based on that data.

Plan of action:
– Having identified competitors, opportunities, and goals, we created the best course of action that would help increase traffic and usher in effective leads.
– Having divided the marketing strategy into 3 phases, we tested channels using an a/b testing approach to identify sales channels.
– We also created a media plan with estimated results to chart out our objectives.

Execution and scaling:
– That’s when the magic happens! We were able to create whopping results for our aviation sector clients during a time the global economy suffered, with instagram as the primary sales platform.
– We created the necessary infrastructure required to move their offline classes online and set up a process for execution over zoom calls.

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