Brand Identity

Builds a personality that your target audience can relate with and a story that you will be remembered for. To achieve this, we blend strategy, design & technology.

Brand Recognition

Branding gives your TG a way to connect with your brand voice that is distinct from your competitors. Consistent branding across touch-points helps your potential customer recall your product/services.

Loyal Consumers

Your consumers are much more likely to return to you once they’ve connected with your brand emotionally. Recognition increases business as well as brand awareness.

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Brand Manual

Before we get started on designing your brand’s collaterals, we set a brand manual. The look and feel – color palette, fonts and visual positioning which will be executed across marketing touch-points, stationary, offline collaterals, etc. are compiled here.

Logo Design

A logo with a meaning becomes a quick access to what a brand stands for. The creative innovation showcases how thoughtful the brand is with their offerings and communicates this to your potential customer.

Brand Tonality

Your brand voice and tone speaks to your TG emotionally in a personalised manner. It also goes beyond to distinguish you from your competitors in the market. Consistent messaging ensures that you’re the potential customer’s go-to solution.

Core Communication

Based on the consumer insights (their pain-points, desires and challenges), we design a core communication strategy which is translated into a campaign or always-on communication.

Execution Calendar

Branding without a rollout plan is meaningless. A good branding exercise must be coupled with a consistent execution plan that increases business AND generates new customers.

Brand Ads

Organic execution certainly builds a brand personality but branding ads reach your potential customer. The more you convey your value proposition, the more they connect with you and your brand.

Know from our expert

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We create branding strategies that are industry-relevant, target-audience specific, and marvelous to look at. This way you can expand and achieve your marketing goals right now, as well as stay relevant in the fast-changing environment.

Riddhi Thakkar

Marketing Head, La Decoller

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1. Does your branding service come with a social media release strategy?

  • While branding and social media marketing are two different services, we do have the capacity for both.
  • In social media strategy, we understand the brand’s target audience, look and feel, tonality, and study past campaigns. We also deep dive into the offerings to gather intelligence of the brand’s USPS, Value proposition and positioning.
  • In the case the brand wants our help defining any of the above, we’re happy to determine a separate scope of work to help the brand establish their identity.

2. What collaterals are included in branding?

Our collaterals meet industry best practices. This means we’ll hand you over your logo in all applications, a brand voice and tone guide, and a style guide.

3. Do you also brand single products?

Yes, as per the requirement of each brand. We help brands launch, grow and innovate online. Wherever you’re stuck we step in. Our flexible scope of work ensures that we accommodate individual branding projects for any product.

4. Will you help me execute the new designs on my website, etc?

Creative is our forte – we will certainly help you execute branding elements wherever your presence is.

5. What edge does La Decoller give me over a graphic designer?

We aren't execution independent which means that we have a strategy behind everything we do for your brand. Our goal is to get your brand actual ROI and an increase in business revenue through digital means. Take a look at our process page here to understand how we go about our work.

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