Goal Setting

Website insights and overall analytics helps you decode how you were performing so you can strategize how you should be doing. It helps you decide what goals you want to achieve in the upcoming 3-6 months.

Optimise Performance

Track campaigns via business managers and analytics tools. Agencies like ours also offer custom reports where you can get a bird-eye view of the performance. In this way, you never drop the ball on continuous growth and improvement.

Long-term Improvements

There are multiple tools that help you understand data coming from your socials, website, channels, etc. Effective agencies offer analytics services that tell you how you should adapt your offers, communication, channels, and more.

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Competition Benchmarking

We conduct a comprehensive Keyword Analysis that tracks trends and gauges a consumer’s market interest by understanding user intent. The right words can lead you to the right consumer.

Media Planning

A robust social media presence must feature content elements that your TG can relate to. Meaningful, relatable content helps you truly connect with your customer.

Customised Reporting

This allows you to measure campaign performance and monetise through social advertising. We believe that social media without testing is like driving in the dark with no headlights.

Weekly and Monthly Analysis

We build an organic presence to build a personality for your brand. Promoted posts engage new users and re- target customers to get conversions.

Product Management

This approach makes brand champions out of relatable influencers that your TG already cares about. This increases brand recognition and positions your brand as your TG’s obvious choice.


We first identify the channels that drive results for your brands. With a keen focus on amplifying sales, we create custom strategies for each platform to bring in sales.

Know from our expert

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Your online footprint is created only after comprehensive research, executed by industry experts and carefully recalibrated based on our intelligent analytics software. Social media marketing done with sophistication results in ROI that far outlasts the time spent running the campaign.

Riddhi Thakkar

Marketing Head, La Decoller

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Introduction to the blog academy

Our repository of blogs have been built with insight in mind. Peruse through for a range of blogs on every aspect of architecting your own digital strategies and executing them. Wondering how to define your target audience or to make your online footprint generate profitable business and company growth? Click away.


1. How does branding affect marketing?

Branding puts a face to your product or service. With various collateral and assets, branding gives your company a personality that your TG can connect with – and remember. It deploys consistency in communication that helps create recall and recognition. In the long run, as a brand grows, branding helps you create leadership in the market space by becoming easily/most recognizable.

2. Will I be charged for the first consultation?

No. Our audit is free of charge. It includes a thorough deep dive into your current strategy. We assess your past campaigns, content, and data for a competition analysis to identify the best plan for you and move onto the next step of our process. For us, the first consultation is all about matching wavelengths and getting to know your brand.

3. I have a large enterprise/small start-up, will you be able to handle a project?

Yes, our mission at La Decoller is to provide effective solutions for all kinds of brands

4. I want to work with you on a small project first, do you accommodate that or do you only have retainerships?

Yes, we have a flexible approach, nothing stands between a great idea and execution – that’s our belief at La Decoller. We scale together.

5. What is your pricing model?

We have a flexible scope of work that can accommodate all types of projects at
varying costs. Please view our pricing page here for more details.

6. What competitive advantage does La Decoller offer its clients?

La Decoller gives its clients the experience of an in-house marketing team that works hard and fast to accommodate a flexible scope of work. The same experts that pitch for your project execute strategies and keep you updated. It’s a cutting-edge ecosystem and we’re looking forward to welcoming you into our fold of results-driven brands.

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