8 Digital Marketing Trends to look out for in 2021

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Before 2020, digital marketing was something that brands wanted to start, or allocated only limited funds towards. However, since April last year, things have changed drastically. Budgets have been gradually shifted from offline to online marketing, and for good reasons:

  1. Better targeting options
  2. Higher reach
  3. Measurable ROI

Whether it’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Social Media Marketing (SMM), there’s always something new in the making that helps marketers succeed. We’ll take you through digital marketing trends in 2021 divided into new and tried & tested.

List of 2021 trends:

Here are some new trends in digital marketing to keep you abreast with what’s going on. They’ve been used by a few brands so far and are increasing in popularity due to good performance. Take a look:

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is an emerging branch of Computer Science which enables the smart machines to do the work ideally performed by human intelligence. The advancement in AI comes with multiple uses but its dominance in machine and deep learning is creating a 360°shift across industries in the tech sector.

The AI is divided into two broad categories:

    • Narrow AI:

Narrow AI is also known as “Weak AI”. Narrow AI concentrates on performing one task extremely well performed under the most basic human intelligence.
A few examples of Narrow AI include:

A. Google
B. Image recognition software
C. Siri, Alexa and other personal assistance
D. Self-driving cars
E. IBM’s Watson

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI):
AGI is also known as “Strong AI”. AGI is something that you see in movies like Westworld or Star Trek: The Next Generation. Where the machines have the capability to act like humans. This is certainly the future of AI!

Chatbot is a software or a program which automates conversation with your customers with you being around or not. The chatbots are pre-loaded Q&A which provides an accurate answer or CTA a customer is looking for. The bots make sure the lead generation is an always-on function. Advance chatbots are driven by AI who grows with time and provide an accurate information.

There are many third-party tools and agencies (like us) that can help marketers and businessmen build conversation tree that takes care of a conversation with a customer in every possible angle.

How can you use a chatbot in marketing?

  1. Chatbots for customer service
    You can use this feature if your brand is receiving a lot of enquiries on messengers, or you want to build its performance. Depending on the number of visitors you can add the same feature on your website/Landing pages.
  2. Chatbots for sales
    This is a great addition for your consumer journey. Weather it’s about scheduling appointments or automating emails, it makes it easy for your customers. An easy way to make a sale without a need for them to pick-up the phone and call.
  3. Chatbots for FAQS
    This feature could be a competitor differentiator. This is a more interactive way of representing the FAQ – the most likely asked questions with accurate answers, all in real time.
  4. Chatbots for ShoppingThis feature is provided by Facebook messenger where you can give an in-app shopping experience to your customers on the platform they are most active on.

Did you know?
According to Harvard Business Review, 15% of technologically advanced companies use chatbots!

  • Visual Search
    Visual search uses artificial intelligence that helps the users on internet to search using an image, rather than keywords. Don’t mistaken this for Google image search, a visual search is like a Google Lense, where the image is studied based on its shape, color, size and relevant outcomes like location, exact product or object will be resulted.
    Apps such as Pinterest, Google, Bing, and CamFind have incorporated this.

    5 ways in which visual search will change the way you market:

  • Shopping on the go
    Imagine – there’s a Christmas online sale at Zara and it’s about to end in the next two minutes, you loaded your cart and made an instant payment using your thumbprint.
  • Travel smart and sustainable
    Imagine – you check-in to your room using a digital key on your phone.
  • Influencer marketing to next level

Imagine – You love what your favorite influencer is wearing, search it and get the brand and product name. You want to know the location of the café the influencer is at, search it and get your answer.

  • SEO optimization

Imagine – SEO is no longer painstaking, it’s smart work not hard. The deep tagging, an image-to-text feature that tags images automatically and makes them interpretable for search engines like Google.


Did you know?
According to social media Today, 60%+ millennials find visual search more interesting that other technology. It also states that there are 600M + visual searches per month on Pinterest alone.

  • Voice Search
    A simple explanation of Voice search is that it uses voice recognition technology to help users search through the smart phones, computers, assistants and more. Voice searches using Google has gone exponentially over the years, helping customers meet their needs almost effortlessly.
    Here’s how it can change your marketing game:

    • Improve customer experience:
      With the assistants being able to differentiate voices, such platforms are now able to provide insights about the users which indeed helps marketers to connect with them in a personalized way.
    • SEO optimization:
      The long tail keywords come into play here. People searching using text vs voice is different, the keywords are long sentences. By using long tail keywords one can provide content to users exactly what they are looking for.
    • Competitor differentiator:
      Having a voice strategy for your brand will keep you a step ahead in your marketing initiatives and stronger with your consumer journey.

Did you know?
Each Voice Assistant is getting smarter by the day; Alexa has 30,000 + skills while Google Assistant knows 2,000 + commands to cater to their customers’ needs.

 If you’ve just joined the digital marketing bandwagon and want to jump straight onto what’s worked for brands in the past, we’ve got you covered. Here goes!

  • Netflix
    Netflix uses AI to create personalization, here’s how they do it.
    Netflix has a 90 second window to interest viewers in a title, post which, most users switch apps.
    They created an algorithm that gives viewers personalized recommendations of TV shows and movies based on their interests, and what they’ve seen in the past. They’ve deep-dived so much that individuals are presented with personalized artwork too!
    C. Results:
    This algorithm garner Netflix $1B in revenue just from customer retention! 80% customers watch what’s been recommended to them.


  • Amazon
    Amazon uses image search to simplify product listings. Here’s how they do it.
    Amazon launched image browsing and search tool to improve user shopping experience.

    The functionality is available in the home décor section. For e.g. You choose the category table, you’ll see a list of images with different table designs, once you pick one, you’ll see a list of products flooding in with similar designs helping you make your choice easy.

  • Dominos
    Domino’s food ordering App has voice search to make ordering pizza more efficient and accurate for the customers.
    With an in-build voice technology, they had a head start over their clients.

    It was an extremely simple integration to their app, where on could just press the button, talk and ta-da your order has been placed. As the customers used long form sentences to order, this also gave them a lot of insight into their preferences, helping them with their other marketing initivatives.
    Although these strategies are tried and tested, their importance keeps growing year on year due to exceptional performance delivered. Customers have shown brands what they like; it’s now up to them to take the que, and our job to guide you.

Way Forward

The importance of digital marketing will keep increasing year on year due to technological advancements and customer requirements. It’s imperative for marketers to be up to date with what’s working today while planning with new trends. Lucky for you, we’ve got your back! La Decoller is your ‘in-house’ marketing team, and rides the wave of current trends while preparing for the next big one in technology. We can help you with anything in digital marketing, and specialize in what’s trending. Personal Message us on Facebook Messenger, Tweet to us on Twitter, or DM us on Instagram to get started with your journey! If you’re more comfortable contacting us the conventional way, our email id is neil@ladecoller.com and phone number is  . Talk to you soon!

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