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amplify your audience

As a full-capacity digital marketing team, we double as your own in-house team.
Your results are tied to ours.

Scale your business

As a full-capacity digital marketing team, we double as your own in-house team.
Your results are tied to ours.

Make online count

As a full-capacity digital marketing team, we double as your own in-house team.
Your results are tied to ours.

Modest but effective

Cost effective digital
advertising now
ushers in better
value. We’re
committed to your
growth as your own
in-house team.

Expertise matters

The marketing plan
experts who pitch for
your project are the
same pundits that
execute your
strategies without
missing a beat.


Dynamic Scope

If your company
growth requires us to
accommodate scope
changes, we
embrace it. We don’t
sweat the small stuff,
we’re focussed on
the big picture.

Strategizing for results

We begin with ‘why’
not ‘what’. Driven by
results, we build and
execute a story that
touches your targeted
clients and potential

Jump straight to our services

We’ve designed our services to bring your brand increased awareness and a formidable online presence on-the-go. So you can pick and choose from our array of services as part of a dynamic scope. We understand that your brand, your goals, and your reach will continue toevolve – as will our services.

Web development

We help you create a website that not only brings you business, but builds relationships with your audiences.


That communicates your identity to potential customers in a brand voice that tells your story for you.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Designed by digital ads experts to achieve business goals from across touch-points.

Analytics Reporting

Our research and analysis team learns from your past data for strategies that deliver ROI.

Content Marketing

Open doors for organic traffic through relatable content, graphic design, podcasts, and impactful visual storytelling.

Influencer Marketing

Our influencer-led campaigns become the connect between your brand and TG on social
media – relatable and relevant to both!

Social Media Marketing

We strategize for your brand’s social media calendar to suit your TG’s search patterns. We
execute to build a real connection with your brand.

Media Planning & Buying

Our media planning builds effective bridges from your brand based ads to potential
customers already looking for your services.


Led by content and SEO experts, we harness the holistic capacity in SEO to generate organic
traffic and amplify their interaction with you.

Find your solution
Our strategy is growth breeds growth.
You grow, we grow.

So let’s get you started on your brand amplification journey today.

Start-up on the rise?

Our dynamic scope allows new brands to grow rapidly and are given priority service at          cost-effective plans.
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Need enterprise-grade

Our fresh perspective and state-of-the-art digital
approach generates the buzz you need.

(Click for transformative

Starting your online

Building an online presence
from scratch can be daunting.
We got your back – from idea
to execution.

A letter from our Captain

About 7.5 million businesses have shut down in the US alone in 2020*
But what if a brand-building company could change this narrative?
La Decoller began with a mission. A genesis of the aviation giant Aviation Indeed, La Decoller
meaning ‘take off’ in French was conceived to help brands take off even through a global crisis.
As news broke out in early 2020 about a fatal virus, our wheels started to turn.

We wanted to offer the world their own marketing team rife with experts that plan, strategise,
and execute as their own in-house goal achieving marketing machine. BUT one that comes at
an economical budget. We begin by asking ‘why’ and we provide you the ‘how’. Your stories
deserve to be told, and deserve to be heard. We make it all possible – as your own team that
promises to work tirelessly to help you cruise through a crisis and beyond. For reach, growth,
and results that convert into profits for your brand.
With our team’s collective years of experience, our many associations, our sprawling presence,
and multiple resources – we felt as if it fell on us to help brands gravitate to the best solutions in
a time like this.
La Decoller, in a short span of time, has helped brands transform their online footprint into one
that delivers ROI. We’ve launched brands offline with sturdy gains. We’re here for holistic
growth. Get in touch with us so we can get you started.
We hope your brand finds a home in our ecosystem.
My very best to you all,
Neil Salaria, CEO
*Survey by Main Street America

Our brand is all about building people.

Our company growth is measured not only in quarterly numbers, but also on the basis of employee satisfaction. We stimulate our weekdays with:

  • Happiness meters: our strictly confidential one-on-one conversations bolster safe spaces.
  • Support systems not hierarchies: each team member is celebrated for their
    strengths, not their ranks.
  • Brainstorming tables: cross-team collaborations that keep the creative juices flowing.

How we go about radically amplifying your audience:

our team members

With a face – first philosophy, we believe that authenticity is the key to everything. So here are
the faces of the experts who magic your brand into growth (there is no magic, just hard work,
smartwork and strategy!). And here are the places they’re at. Click on them to find out more
about the places they’re about to take your brand.

Find out more about their approach to brand-building

Introduction to the blog academy:

Our repository of blogs have been built with insight in mind. Peruse through for a range of blogs
on every aspect of architecting your own digital strategies and executing them. Wondering how
to define your target audience or to make your online footprint generate profitable business and
company growth? Click away.







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